Give your feedback on the Leicester Cycle Circuit

Posted: Thu, 16 Mar 2017 09:48

Give your feedback on the Leicester Cycle Circuit

New College Leicester are looking to consult with Primary School Heads and Primary School PE leads on what it is that they might want to use the Leicester Cycle Circuit for.

The brand new innovative facility is due to open at New College Leicester in May 2017, providing a closed road that runs six metres wide and one kilometre long. It has the added advantage that it can break down in to three smaller circuits that are ideal for younger riders, ensuring all ages are able to enjoy the course. The whole circuit is lit by state of the art LED lights and is available for after school use also.

While cycling might not be a statutory requirement of Primary Physical Education, it remains an important life skill and one which can be used from childhood onwards. Most young people at some point or another in their life are likely to find themselves on a bike on a road and it is pivotal that their first experiences of cycling are done in a safe manner. On the flip side of that there may be those within the Primary Sector that are already starting to show a talent for cycling as a sport. Or maybe like most young people they just like riding their bike for fun not realising the health benefits that this has.

New College are looking at the possibility of providing bikes and safety equipment for open use, but are interested in your thoughts on what a six week programme would consist of.

To ensure the facility is best used, New College are looking for the thoughts of others as to how they would use the circuit and whether they would have an interest in hiring the facility. To provide feedback, email Wayne Allsopp -

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