Funding Streams for Clubs

Active Harborough District Sports Club Grant

Active Harborough District have grants of up to £250 available for sports clubs and organisations in the Harborough District. If your club needs funding for equipment, qualifications, expansion or something else, find out if you are eligible and apply by downloading and completing the form below or submitting the e-form on this page.

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Why are you seeking financial assistance? What difference will it make? Why do you need the equipment or training you are telling us about? How will awarding you this grant make a difference to the people of Harborough District?

Project income Please supply details of any financial assistance you are receiving for this project from any other sources. For example, from your club’s funds, commercial sponsorship, funds from a Governing Body, or your own personal funds

Project expenditure Please supply details of expected expenditure. This should include costs you are applying for funding for (up to £250), and any costs which you will be covering through the alternative sources detailed above.