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Active Harborough District Sports Awards 2018

The Harborough District Sports Awards are organised by the Local Sports Alliance, Active Harborough District to recognise the great sporting achievements and physical activity projects that are taking place across the District.

From athletes competing at a high level in their sport, to the tireless volunteers that make sure that the pitch is ready or the administration is done - their contribution to making Harborough a great District to live in is invaluable.

The Sports Awards aim to reward and recognise these achievements, by inviting nominations for a number of categories, culminating in an awards celebration event taking place in November 2018.

Following a successful re-launch in 2017 we would invite local businesses that may be interested in sponsoring a particular category or element of the event to get in touch at activetogether@harborough.gov.uk

Sponsors will be invited to attend the event and present their chosen award as well as feature in publicity prior to the event and in the reporting afterwards.

Nomination Categories

Sports Person of the Year

This award is for an individual aged 18 or over, who has achieved success at a national or international level: exceeded expectations in their sporting performance or made a significant difference to a team.

Junior Sports Person of the Year

Aged under 18 on 31 August 2018, this award is for a young individual who has made significant progress in their field of sport, exceeded expectations in their sporting performance or made a significant difference to a team.

Community Impact Award

An individual or a group that has developed a sport or physical activity project or had a positive influence to inspire others to become more active in the community.

Team of the Year

A team of 2 or more people who have achieved success or competed at a consistently high level throughout the year; demonstrated fair play, a good sporting attitude or have promoted positive participation behaviours.

Physical Activity Star Award

An individual who has significantly gained a positive health benefit over the last 12 months through physical activity.

Twilight Achiever of the Year

An individual aged 65 years plus, who in the last year has tried a new sport and has seen the positive impact of physical activity and encourages others to get and stay active.

Club of the Year

This award is for a club who has achieved some or more of the following in the last 12 months: gained or attained NGB accreditation, has evidenced commitment to volunteer recruitment and upskilling the volunteer workforce including increased membership and participation levels and has demonstrated successful partnership working

Unsung Hero of the Year

This award is for a Coach, Instructor or Volunteer who has demonstrated enthusiasm, leadership and commitment to a physical activity or sport.

Nomination Form

Please note: By submitting the below form you are agreeing to allow Harborough District Council to hold your personal data for the purposes of the Awards Evening. You are also submitting the data of the nominee (even if it is just their name), so it is vital that you ask their permission before nominating. Any data held will not be used for any other purpose and details for unsuccessful nominees will be removed following the conclusion of the Awards Evening. Those that win their categories will be asked whether they are happy to remain on record so that we may contact them to promote the 2018 awards. Should you no longer wish for us to hold your data, please feel free to contact activetogether@harborough.gov.uk and we will be happy to remove it.

Please enter all information required below.

Harborough District Sports Awards 2018 Nomination Form

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Please select the category for your nomination - criteria details are at the top of this page

Please explain how the nominee(s) met the criteria for the chosen category and provide any additional information that would support your nomination (you have up to 600 words). Your nomination is what the judging panel will read and the awards will be based on, so remember to include as much relevant context and content as possible. Nominations will be judged on individual merit so the quality of your nomination is important. Remember, you can use up to 600 words

Nominations are now open for the 2018 awards and will close on the 28th September 2018.

If you would like to make a nomination and have any queries, please e-mail activetogether@harborough.gov.uk